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Recuperating is never too late

Rehabilitation eases disease and treatment-related fatigue. Here at Atrium Hospice of Nevada, we offer physical, occupational, and speech therapy or rehabilitation. Each of our therapy services is sensitive to every patient’s functional needs and the goals for the treatment. Our offered services for each therapy are as follows:

Our physical therapy services are aimed to increase the comfort and independence as much as possible and maintain the strength and endurance of our hospice patients. Our physical therapists assist with:

  • pain and symptom management
  • positioning
  • strengthening/stretching
  • splinting
  • relaxation techniques

Our occupational therapy interventions are directed to maintain cognitive functioning and improve the environmental awareness of our hospice patients and include:

  • family and patient education
  • pain management
  • splinting and positioning
  • BADL/IADL training
  • routine establishment

Many hospice patients are presented with problems in eating and communication. Our speech therapists here at Atrium Hospice of Nevada will help them:

  • aid with their swallowing difficulty
  • develop compensatory strategies that will allow patients to eat orally
  • develop alternative communication strategies


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